An International Art Project by


Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre


"With this simple and elegant conceptual act, FA+ summarize and goes beyond what many artists, politicians, ideologues, have discussed for years: to present high culture at street level without making any exceptions in form or substance."
Charlotte Bydler, PhD in Art History, Professor, Art Critic and Curator


The Concept

The general idea of the project is to apply this concept in so many cities as possible, in the open space and interacting with its population. The aim of this art-piece is to stimulate the coming generations; the immigrants and the temporary visitors to read the specific author's works.  Every city and author will become a “volume” in the library.

To introduce the own author in the city

Most of the cities have their own famous author who is consider belongingto its historical and cultural capital.
A writer is hers/his written text. A successful and graceful way to introduce an author is by presenting quotes of the text straight as it is in an open public space, in accessible letters laying on the street for the city walkers.

THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY concept is to install the author’s quotations in a central, popular and well visited street, if possible located in direct relation to the author’s life in the city.
An important part of the concept it is to establish the project among the local population, mainly among the youth.


Including the community

In both Stockholm and Oslo where a number of workshops done in several secondary schools encouraging the students to propose quotations; cultural associations, librarians, teachers, were invited to suggest theirs. All the population could, and many did, participate through the project’s home-page; even the homeless did participate through their own magazine.

The final selection and the proofreading are done by FA+ in cooperation with the leading experts of the specific author’s work.

To activate the citizens to suggest quotations is to make them aware that they are an important part as collaborators of the project and the final art-piece will be also their own creation. Many years from now, they may walk beside the quotation with their grandchildren and say “I suggested this quotation” and by that way introduce the author to a new generation.

THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY by FA+ stays as a good example of an international model for how artists, organizations and local population can work together to do an art piece in the public space, not only for everybody’s joy today but also for the surprise and delight of the coming generations over the richness of their own city's cultural heritage.


Strindbergs Citat


Zitat - Kant on Water


into dead so loved




....Ibsen Sitat


Lagerlöf in Falun


Lev! / Sara Lidman


Kierkegaard Citat




FA+ES3B Skellefteå

THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY concept begun 1994 with painted quotations of August Strindberg on the street, to be installed permanently in 1998. The latest permanent installation is Växjö Citat in Växjö streets (Klostergatan, Storgatan and Västergatan), Sweden, finalized in 2014.
FA+ has also done permanent quotations of Søren Kierkegaard in Copenhagen, Denmark, Selma Lagerlöf in Falun and Sara Lidman in Umeå and also an ephemeral work at Skellefteå in Sweden.

FA+ has 25 years of pioneer work behind, with a profound experience in including the involvement of the population in the public space’s artwork.

It begun in the 1980’s in Spain to quickly establish it in the beginning of the 90’s in Sweden creating works like Stockholm for sale, Il Cadavere Squisito, L’Art de Triomphe and many others.

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