- The New Reality Collection -

FAM 28

Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre

- Felipe Maruri photo assistent -


"The Art of Survival" is a serie of five large color photographs (#1 to #5) of swedish families in their own apartments. This pictures, done in a classical "At home..." style, show the members of each family possing relaxed and proud in front of the camera. We didn't make any change in their clothing, styling or decoration of the living-rooms or kitchen, there are entirely the ir owns. Exept for a detail, an attribute we add, to give a hinch of possible futures.  

The serie was exibit -the first time- in a clothes-shop (JC) in a fashionable street of Stockholm, pesented whit it's own logo as a "new collection" publicity campaing.

Now travelling trough Scandinavia with the show Trans-Form.

Stockholm, Sweden - February 1998 - JC shopp at Drottning street.

Stockholm, Sweden - June 2001 - Konstnärshuset.

Oslo, Norway - July 2001 - Stenersenmuseet.

Copenhagen, Danmark - December 2001 - Gallery Overgarden, Kulturministeriets Utstillningshus.

Narva, Estonia - May / July 2002 - Narva Muuseum, Kunsti Galeri.

Latvia’s Gallery. Riga, Latvia. August - September 2002.

Karlskrona Konsthall - Karlskrona, June - August 2005

Saarijärvi Musuem - Jyväskylä, Finland, June – October 2006

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