(The Final Solution)

Stockholm - 1993




In May 1993 was organised a big cultural festival in the city of Stockholm named Tivoli Kultur (Tivoli: amusement-park). It was meant to be a meeting of all kind of artistic expressions "low" and "high" culture and their audiences, hoping that they will discover each other and be amused. From amateur Hip Hop dancers to prominent opera singers, children singing folk songs, well-known authors reading poetry, sculptures together with carrousels, handicrafts, paintings, food, clowns, the Royal Theatre, everything.

The place chosen was Kungsträdgården, with a big stage, a dancing place for seniors and youngsters, coffee-houses, art galleries, etc, that is the most visited open space in Stockholm, in it's very commercial and cultural centre.

It was tree days of almost non-stop activities with a greater success then anybody could expect.

Igloo FAW 2

We were invited to participate, in the main spot beside the stage. We refused the idea of having "some of our gallery-pieces" placed somewhere in the park, like most of the artist did (in those days we were the only artists in Stockholm using the street as our arena). We wanted to make a large "one way" installation-performance especially for this opportunity and in a "Tivoli" spirit.

Since the most of the participants were having large tents housing them, we decided to make our own home: an igloo done with old refrigerators.


We did the first construction in a refrigerator's graveyard, outside Stockholm. A week of a miner-like work. We literally disinterred the appropriate 'friges and the pieces for the "decoration": each one had a different installation made of waste, 53 pieces. The floor was cover with grind 'friges.

Whit the pictures from the igloo we did the photo-montage for our advertising-campaign. The Igloo was of course for sale, but not as an art piece, no, our ambitions were higher: We offered it as a solution for two major problems, the consumption waste, and the housing of the human waste: Homeless, refugees, immigrants, unemployed or simply poor people: The Final Solution. Therefore we add in our pictures cut-ups of the Jehovah's witness booklet: obviously only Hispanics and dark people needs to be saved, together with vegetarian lions. The white population is already safe.

The poster for our publicity were glued on refrigerator's doors, and, of course, for sale too (we actually did sell them)

The Igloo



The floor and furniture


The interior decoration:

The performance

Inga, Agusto and Jimmy

During the three days the show lasted, we impersonate our characters: Inga Penga (our all-round bimbo, a one-night bonus by buying the igloo), Agusto De la Pongo (the boss, a special-price-for-you-my-friend kind of guy, Italian accent. His philosophy: ART IS BEAUTIFUL = ART IS BUSINESS = BUSINESS IS ART = ART IS MONEY = MONEY IS ART = MONEY IS BEAUTIFUL and Jimmy Fix (the Latino kid, good to do no-brain jobs, and getting children)

The Souvenirs

We filled up plastic bags with refrigerator's grid (yes, garbage) and sold them as souvenirs (well, it was Jimmy's job). We sold a lot of them.


The show happened to be an enormous success . About 250.000 people pass by the park (somebody count them) during the three days.

The Swedish TV. was there and made a 5 minutes long interview about the Igloo and us. Shown live in the "family-entertainment" program "From 7 to 9" about half of the Swedish population (4 mill.) looked at it.

The interview become completely surrealist since we kept on playing our characters and never answer as artist. And to do things worse Agusto De la Pongo answered only in (a sort of) Italian. And since the reporter was a woman called Carina (which in Italian means darling) it went on:

-Hi! I am Carina, what's your name?

-Eh! Si que sei carina, Io te la pongo a gusto! (Yes, you are a darling and I put it on you with pleasure!)

- He says his name is Agusto. Agusto, how many refrigerators did you use to make the igloo?

- Guarda carina que si stai cosi veccina ti mangio la buca! (darling don't come any closer or I'll eat your mouth!)

Agusto says that they used 53 refrigerators........(And so on)

The Present

In the same TV program and on the radio Inga announced, very royaly that we were giving the Igloo (the selling wasn't doing so well anyway: the market was not ready) as a birthday present to Silvia the Queen of Sweden, who happened to get 50 that same day asking the Queen to pass by and collect it before 12 o'clock next day, it was a bit of a hurry, we have to leave the place.

We wait all morning, but she didn't pick it up.

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