a Stockhlom, Suede 27 - 31 Mai 1994



avec la participation special de


et la Musique et Brui de



Almost 9 month of preparation, more then 60 people involved working for hours and hours, containers, trucks, equipment ready and standing by, artists coming from three European countrys, and just a week before the dead-line to build it, our only sponsor says: Sorry, no money this time.

We knew from the very beginning that this was a MAYOR MUSCLES project, but if we would have known that also EXTREME PRECISION was required, and physical skills, to make this apparently "simple" construction... I guess we never would have dared to try.

Suddenly all this guys start coming from all over, extreme-cool-looking, like hard-rock, punk, rasta, hip-hop: musicians, drummers from all the Stockholm's bands. They were going to make a live concert-performance planned and directed by BomKrash and FAWPM. An improvised sound collage, an electric violin, and these 20 guys hitting the walls of the containers.

Nicola had his slides from the "India journey's hotels" and an idea about using back projections; Bogdan, Carina and we all wanted to do something too, a big performance. We start talking about and making some tests and next moment we have six multimedia performances, two cellists and a sound collage set together for a unique show.

As spectacular as mounting it, but backwards, faster, and (sort of) sad.