eventa - 3 /International Art Exhibition / theme MANKIND /June - August - 1996 / ekeby qvarn /Uppsala - Sweden


FA 16

Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre


The image of Mankind, for the others.

In 1972 the ship Pioneer 10 was sent to the space. In December of the '73 reached Jupiter, pass trough the orbit of this with Saturn, and continued its journey towards the outer space, outside our Solar System. The first interstellar ship constructed by the Human being.

With luck it will reach the nearest star within 80,000 years. If it is not that before it is discovered by " others " of course.

Anticipating the possibility of such encounter, since we are moving in other neighbourhood, the NASA provide the ship with the first visit-card that represents the complete Mankind, with its past and its future. Fasten to the body had a placket that contained enough information so that any intelligent being of the universe can figure out the origin of the device.

Just certain astronomy knowledges are needed, capacity to decipher the binary language invented by the humans and, with certain fantasy, to understand that a naked character, with the raised arm and showing the palm of his hand means:

"Hi, I'm Adam and she is Eve,

we are new in this part of the galaxy

and we are looking for somebody

to have a chat about God and The Creation.

Is there anybody home?

Do you have apples around here?


Say Hello

The picture of the (white) human being, it's position in the Solar-System, the System's 14 vectors and a hydrogen molecule, transported by the Pioneer 10:

Mankind for export

NASA 72-HC-133



Gustavo & Ingrid =

FA+ for export

And so:


The toilet's door at Ekeby Qvarn's show-space / The people waiting had plenty of time to look at the toilet's sign:



At the same time...

Outdoors, in front of the building:


..Uppsala - Sweden...


.Bosnia - Herzegobina



say hello





say good-bye.



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