ekeby qvarn - uppsala - june / july 1994

Ekeby Qvarn is a big old water mill located outside Uppsala, University City, about one hour away from Stockholm. A river, a small cascade and a lake surrounds the mill, constructed in the 13th century. An arm of the river runs under the building forming a little island, the sound and the presence of the water dominates the landscape. A couple of years ago it was completely restored by Luciano Escanilla and became a museum and art show's space under his direction. He invited us to participate in a large exhibition he planned having just WATER as a theme
When this invitation arrive we were finishing our work whit "L'Art de Triomphe" and David and Nicola were just about leaving Sweden which made impossible to make a common work. We decide to make five separate pieces instead. Nicola and David left their work done for us to install.

From earth to water

An object placed on the earth containing water.

An object placed on earth touches the water moving.

An object floating in the surface of the water.

An object placed under the surface of quiet water reflecting the sky.

An object placed on the running water moving with the flow.

Born was noticed as one approached a hidden place of the river. Under the surface of the water was laid a mirror in the shape of a foetus; its reflection merged with that of the sky and the trees.
Now was an ephemeral object. Over a round bed of wooden sticks the word now was printed whit gold-leaf. It was lowered into the water and the sticks quickly separated. What remained were several golden sticks as a memory of a lost moment.
Endless created a perpetual rowing motion of seven metal iron rods with spoons attached at their ends that barely touched the water. The current forced the spoon to move down-river to return a moment later, by the pull of the metal, to its original position.
Water is a sculpture made of drip-bottles which contains water in its many forms, transformed by diverse processes: rain, river, sea; wine, milk, beer; blood, tears, urine, etc. All bottles are connected to each other by a system of tubes so the liquids slowly mix. The last bottle drips onto the earth and all return to the very beginning.
Flow was placed in a small cascade. Seven faces painted on plastic sheets flowing with the water stared at the onlookers on the bridge above.


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