The Charity Association We Care! for real. - FAW 8 - Stockholm - June 1995

History of the association

It beggun once upon a time, when we all joined together, when the world still was kind and we all cared for each other. We used to met Tuesdays at 5.30 PM in the City-Church house at Adolf-Fredriks-Churchstreet right in the heart of the royal capital of Sweden, for to drink a cup of coffee and home made bread. The men discussed politics and the women did sew small things for the church bazaar.

Time passed and the world situation changed. Through Radio, TV and newspapers we learned how people did suffer around the world and then after a while we understood that shame also has reached the territory of kingdom Sweden. Our Gösta stud up one day and said: This is enough, we have to do something about it! The day after the association WE CARE! was born.

To care about one another, to give a hand to the beaten, a piece of bread for the hungry, love for the ones in pain: that is something that does give meaning in a human life. We looked upon each other and said: What can we do? We do not have power or money. We are far away from the corridors where the world's destiny is decided. But that question was unnecessary because we knew that we could care about the very, very, very small human being, that is not shown in any statistics but that is living exactly like you and I.

Love, love is the answer, each journey begins with the first step. Even the smallest help does help somebody. To give one person joy for one day might change the destiny of somebody, more than to give nothing at all. Then we knew that we had opened a new door and started a new journey. An ever since nothing has been the same.

We came together more often, forgetting our daily cares and all of us realised that:

WE CARE! for all the people on earth

WE CARE! for each other and

WE CARE! for real.

(quotation from the report of meeting NR 322, the 23 of mars 1995)

Association WE CARE! for real. Prepares of project NR 8 on the line. Collection of clothes in benefit for the population of Gothenburg.

NR 5) the ones in charge of the project would be: Katrin Blomqvist, Helmut Phol and Jean-Pierre Johansson.

NR 8) sister Gun-Maye made reservations an proposed the following text for explaining the manifesto of the project, the members of the meeting liked and decided to stuck with that:


Clothes Collection and solidarity project for to gather and support our brothers and sisters that have really difficult struggles in their life's.

In our own initiative we have begun a project that work for to deepen the knowledge and understanding about the hidden problems that is growing daily within the territory of kingdom Sweden: the misery and oppression that exists in the city of Gothenburg of today.

Right now, we ask you, with the hope that you want to join the co-operation and work together with us as a sponsor.

Our project will at first happen in Stockholm - Gothenburg. But that is just the beginning. Soon it will reach all of Sweden.

The people from WE CARE! have a lot of experience from similar solidarity work.

A container for clothes collection, and representatives from the association WE CARE! will be at:

The central park Kungsträdgården 26, 27,28 may 1995 , for further information call: 08 796 92 92

WE CARE! for real, Do you care too?


And finally in the streets, where real the work is to be done, to meet the people, to talk, communicate, discuss and to learn to now each other, is there anything that can be more thrilling?

At last: Among the people!

The container where all the gifts could be kept, was dressed with a fancy air-filled bubble-plastic. And decorated it with our proud logotype for to give it recognition, a feeling of security. For the population to feel that those people, those people REALLY CARE!

And here you can see our heroes in position as living examples for telling: there is a better way. Prepared to convince the indifferent that one should care, and we actually are one big family. Even if one happen to live in less fortunate places like Gothenburg. You have to be up-to-date to gain success. All the new scientific results are good to use in the service for humanity. This is our young servant Jean-Pierre Johansson using the latest technology to keep in touch with our fellow colleges all around the world to find out where help is needed. For to come in handy. But the most important work is to be there among the crowd to convince them to help one another. Nature is one body, if one is hurt, we all hurt.

Our heroes on duty, fighting against the era of individualism and egoism. Helped by a megaphone does our servant Katrin Blomqvist that never rests, that there is still a lot to be done: Come and give! Today Gothenborg, Tomorrow the rest of the world.

There is not only roses along the way of humanitarian work. There are long moments of indifference that shall be fighted with god spirit and sunny thoughts. Endurance is the keyword; as the Fisherman did, so shall we. One waits, and waits. Helmut do it as well, even on his coffee brake.

And so does our beloved Katrin too; in front of our specially decorated container waiting for the sensitive people that cares. Behind one can see that it is good order in the container, what a women hand can achieve!

And see, gentlemen Jean-Pierre Johansson welcomen her in our association, after she paid the yearly fee. And she also bought our lovely campaign-pin in service of Gothenburg. We are getting more and more everyday

Dearest reader: Did you ask yourself a while if all this work was worth ?


Yes, yes, here you can see our proud family members showing their "catch" an enormous amount of cloths for at least one Gothenburg-family was collected, one family that is now able to walk on the city-boulevard in Gothenburg and feel just like a Stockholm-family. The gifts are prepared. What a joy!

But dear friends, not only that, here you can see our heroes with the cheque on the complete amount of 90 Swedish kronor that has been collected thanks to the campaign-pins WE CARE! That now reaches their final goal, and all of it will reach Gothenburg. There is no help to big nor to small! Dearest brothers and sisters!